19:55 | Sucheta Kolhatkar

The vigil started with lots of clouds and a bit of drizzle. It was amazing to see the rain come & go & intensify over Graz. I could hear the rain drumming on the pavillion box. I love rain. It washes the city clean. Clears up the air. Cools the air during hot summer days. I love the smell of the earth and wind when it rains. All the trees & grass come alive. As the evening progressed it became dark & I could see all the street lights come on & all the important monuments light up. It was nice to see people returning home & the apartment windows light up. I think everything looks so romantic in the rain. I have been in Graz for 10 months now & I make it a point to come to the top of this Berg as frequently as possible. I like to see GRAZ in different times of the day & weather. Today during the watch I had quite time to observe Graz and I love it even more.
Thank you for the opportunity.