07:43 | Michelle K. Gilluly-Beham

An absolutely breathtaking morning – the first morning with sunshine and dear skies in 2+ weeks! The adventure began with the short bike ride from home to Karmeliterplatz and then the hike up the Schloßberg. I expected cold mist and was overjoyed to discover the smoldering skyline to the east and 4°C. The sky transformed from gold to orange to burnt red-glowing more + more. The sun poked it’s head above the horizon as Cornelia and I had a coffee int he Clocktower. Then, off to the „guardhouse“ with the sun shining ever brighter. The details of the city became visible The Hauptplatz Christmas tree turned off it’s lights, traffic increased, apartment lights turned on. I began on the southwest recollecting memories of Graz and listing points of thankfulness. This standing guard over Graz provides the city with a symbolic protection. It also provides the guard with an hour of „holding space“ – for the city to unfold in its day and for the guard’s thoughts to unfold as well. With the year coming to a close, I take this thought of holding space and creating space with me into the next days and into the New Year. In this space, we allow miracles to develop to occur and to recognize them! In this Graz Vigil, This ground was holy – because in slowing down, really living the moment and absorbing it . this is when we see the details … and see god. The thankfulness for the moment develops eyes to see the good around us. Thank you